Bi funding research results

19 August 2021 by Jennifer

Our research into the funding of UK bi organisations is out today!

This represents a lot of people’s insights and ideas, gathered by me and Libby (of Biscuit) and John (of the London Bisexual Meetup).  Thanks to everyone who contributed!

We said from the start that we wanted our findings to go out in public so that other interested funders could understand the lay of the land, rather than it only being internal to Consortium, who’d commissioned the research. And we know that there are people from within bi communities who’ll be interested too.

There are three versions:

  • key points
  • funders’ briefing, which is similar to the full report but skips some of the details and has fewer/shorter quotes
  • full report, which is a whopper of a thing, including many many quotes from bi people.

All those are available for anyone to read, either as a web page or as PDF, from the Bi Funding Research page.

The full-length one is like a book, we had so many insightful contributions. And I think a lot of bi organisers (and other grassroots community group organisers) will find the stories and quotes extremely relatable :-)

We aren’t yet in a position to reveal what’s going to come of it at the Consortium end in terms of funding for bi groups, because that’s still in the middle of brewing. But we are allowed to say that there will be the beginnings of things happening pretty soon.

Thanks to everyone who gave their time for this, which was a lot of people. (We did two surveys, three online discussions with bi organisers, and five individual interviews.)

Thanks to Paul and the team at Consortium, who initiated this research and found the money to pay us to do it! and have been tip top supportive of the whole thing.

Thanks to the National Emergencies Trust, who co-funded paying us.

And big love to Libby and John, co-researchers! We were more than the sum of our parts! Go team!

"Bi Funding Research 2021", plus the logos of the two organisations who funded the research: Consortium, "for stronger lgbt+ communities", and the National Emergencies Trust.
"Bi Funding Research 2021", plus the logos of the two organisations who funded the research: Consortium, "for stronger lgbt+ communities", and the National Emergencies Trust.

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