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5 October 2020 by Jennifer

New zine by me, “Creativity is for everyone”. Now available to buy.

A few years ago, I made my first zine – “World of Bi”. It’s for people curious about bisexuality, or wondering if/where they fit into the world of bi/pan/queer community. I’ve been selling that one intermittently, usually at events, and it’s had some nice comments.

Earlier this year, I finished another one! This one is about creativity in all its forms – making, doing, thinking, organising, play. I wanted to condense into it as many as possible of the ideas I’ve found useful myself.

Two zines, i.e. booklets. One is called "World of Bi", the other "Creativity is for everyone".

Topics in the new one include

  • different types of stuckness and ways to unstick
  • intrinsic & extrinsic motivation
  • intuition
  • time, space and energy
  • what’s really going on when people call themself “lazy”?

I actually finished it and did a low-key launch back in February, one evening when I did a talk at Tech Notts called “From wish to plan”. But only today did I finally get around to adding it to my web site and order form! So now if anyone would like to, you can buy it via mail-order, along with the other one and/or some button badges.

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