Queens of Pop at (not Nottingham) Prides

28 July 2013 by Jennifer

Wrote some tweets earlier to @ManchesterPride, and then thought they were worth blogging here too:

For the people who haven’t seen what this is all about, here’s a statement from UK Black Pride, along with some possible action to take if you agree.

To be clear, I have personally watched the video parodying will.i.am’s track and the one it’s a parody of, and thought about it, and that’s my main basis for asserting their act is racist and they don’t belong at Pride.

For the attribute “misogynist”, I’m judging by someone else’s description of other videos by them, which I haven’t watched.

It’s worth noting that although it’s Manchester Pride which is getting all the attention at the moment, as I understand it Queens of Pop are also currently booked for Glasgow and Leeds.

I do have more thoughts about all of this! but might not get around to putting them on the net, due to limited writing time.

Update 29 July: Queens of Pop withdraw from Manchester Pride.

(Also, I was going to do that as a comment, and it didn’t work – apologies to anyone who’s tried to comment on this blog recently, it seems to have gone a bit wrong! must fix later but no time now…)

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