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27 January 2010 by Jennifer

Some good bits of other people’s writing.

On the defence of elective home-based education from heavy-handed expensive intrusive bureaucracy, we have…

  • Consent and the ticky boxy world, a lovely eloquent blog post from Allie.

    Everyone is very used to a structure where no-one is asked if they consent. … You are in the Ticky Boxy Structure and you do as you are told.

    And yet we have pottered merrily on – picking and choosing and not worrying too much. That is what they don’t like. I’m pretty sure of it. … Having sold their souls to the Devil of Inspection they cannot let anyone escape. But I think they might find that people used to living by common consent will not be as easily awed by the Ticky Boxy Lady. I hope not.

  • A short summary of some lies from the Government and some facts which contradict them, created by Dani. I’ve found that Google Docs sometimes refuses to cooperate with Firefox, but Google Chrome not surprisingly works OK.

  • Rosemary’s submission to the Bill Committee, about lots of practical ways in which monitoring just doesn’t work. I was tickled to discover half way through reading this that it has a quote from me in it!

Not unrelatedly,

  • Jenni Russell in The Times says Labour’s fixation with control is strangling everyone.

    … it’s Labour’s fundamental lack of optimism about human beings and what they are capable of which has so undermined its political project over the past dozen years. …

    The government has been obsessed with delivering efficiency and accountability. It trusted no one, so it undermined the ethos of professional responsibility, replacing it with centralised systems to check and record everyone’s activity. The primary task of hospitals, schools and social services departments has become not care, or teaching, or support, but the meeting of targets and the production of statistics to prove it. …

    The results of all this activity have been presented to the public as if we were shareholders reading a company report, and as if all we cared for was the bottom line. …

    We know what’s being lost in this mechanical approach to human needs because we’re living through it.

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