Visibility and celebrations: 6-minute bi day talk

23 September 2017 by Jennifer

On International Celebrate Bisexuality Day 2015 in Nottingham, Hannah organised a gathering by the Robin Hood statue, round the corner from Nottingham Castle. This is the little speech I made to mark the day.

You can switch on subtitles using the little CC (“closed captions”) icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video screen.

Thanks to Vi for taking the video, Hannah for organising the event, and the Bisexual Index for the quote :-)

The original video stopped rather abruptly, and I was puzzling over how to make that look better. If it hadn’t been for the Bisexual Banter people using some of my music over the credits on their videos, I don’t know if this idea would’ve crossed my mind, but it suddenly occurred to me I could do the same myself! So there’s a little snippet of Neither at the end (the “challenge to binary thinking” song – although at the time of writing, that’s not an officially finished-and-released recording yet).

Update 30 September: the song!

Song homepage

International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, Nottingham 2015

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