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20 June 2010 by Jennifer

A new thing! BookTrail microblog, for some of what I’ve been reading.

It’s actually a Twitter account, but I’m not planning to use it for, as they say, “ambient intimacy”. I just thought Twitter would be a handy platform for it. (You don’t have to be on Twitter to see it. You can even subscribe via RSS, if you wanted to have new posts brought to your attention but didn’t want to bother getting a Twitter account.)

You see I like to read. A lot. And sometimes I like to recommend books.

I was actually writing a books post for here only the other week. But it’s not finished, and I kept reading more books and thinking “Oh, I should mention this one too”!

And then I remembered I’d had this idea a while back of a microblog just for books I’d read. So this is what I set up the other day.

First I took a photo of some of my favourite books and made it into an icon, and seeded the blog by documenting the ones in the pic. And then I did the recent backlog, inc things to go back to the library which I’d hung onto thinking I’d write about them first. So there are already quite a few good things up there if you want to go and look. But it’ll be slower from now on, because the idea of it is to be more or less real-time – any time I finish a book that I think was worth mentioning/remembering, I’ll note it there.

This blog has a Books category too. And one of the first pages I set up on Uncharted Worlds was the old “bookshelf” page. I don’t plan to resurrect the Bookshelf page (which hasn’t been updated since 2004) – that’s probably going to stay as archive for now. But I’ll keep the blog category and the microblog in parallel. The Books category here will be for when I want to write or quote more than 140 characters, whereas the microblog will make it less likely that I never get around to mentioning something at all.

I did already deviate a tiny bit from the original idea, this evening, and used the microblog to mention an article I’d read, which wasn’t a book. If I start doing lots of those then maybe I’ll make another one, and have one for online articles and one for the books. Don’t know yet. I think the BookTrail ought to stay as mostly books, though.

At some point I might also get around to setting up a WordPress widget to have the BookTrail posts visible somewhere on the blog front page here. Or maybe on the Books category page. But that’s not a high priority for now.

So, anyway, you’re all invited! to follow my BookTrail if you’re interested.

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