Blogging restart, maybe

19 September 2022 by Jennifer

I keep thinking I want to put more writing here, and then never quite actually doing it.

Obstacles and slowdowns

Some factors or typical patterns:

  • I write something elsewhere. It would be interesting to post a version of it here – but in order for it to make sense here, I’d need to add a bit of context, and I never get around to doing that.
  • I start writing something which I intend for here, and as I think through the different aspects of the topic, the article gets really long! which obviously takes more effort to finally finish and put up than if I stuck to short little thoughts.
  • Also I noticed recently that the repeated changes to WordPress had begun to feel like a deterrent.This factor is of course amplified by the slow cycle of my posts here. I don’t blog for a while, and then I come back, and the editor doesn’t work the same, and I have to figure stuff out all over again. Treacle.

    (I’m not even interested in these newfangled “blocks” – I just want ONE place where I can paste in my HTML, thanks very much!)


I think what might help to disrupt those patterns and get going again is to intentionally try and write more stuff that’s shorter and more “of the moment”. So that’s what this is.

Let’s see if it works :-)

Appreciation, criticism & new ideas all welcome...

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