New badges for the non-schoolers

14 May 2016 by Jennifer

I had a creative impulse the other day and invented four new badge designs!

Photo of four badges. 1. "too busy for school". 2. "No school today?" "No school any day!" with each phrase shown on a speech bubble. 3. "learning can happen anywhere". 4. "the location of my education is me". On each badge, the design is pink on a black background. A ruler is shown nearby, and each badge is about 1 inch in diameter. In the corner is the edge of a 50p coin. The background is a piece of purple velour.

You can see from the ruler at the edge that these are 1-inch diameter. That’s actually the only size that my badge machine does. (The edge of the 50p coin is another point-of-reference for the size.)

I’ll take a few soundings before deciding whether all of these will become part of the main “identity badges” selection. In that case, I’d make them in all my usual 9 colours: red, orange, yellow, green, kingfisher blue, lavender blue, purple, pink (as here) and silver. And I may yet tweak the designs. These are just the initial trial batch that I made to try them out.

Credit to Dani for inspiration:

My children learn wherever they are. The location of their education is in their own minds.

Appreciation, criticism & new ideas all welcome...

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