Microblogs now embedded on front page

7 October 2010 by Jennifer

The other day, I got around to upgrading WordPress to the current version. Now I can use the Twitter for WordPress plugin to display the latest posts from my two microblogs on the home page of this blog.

Yes, two microblogs – BookTrail, the one I invented in the summer, and its sister LinkyTrail. I decided I wanted to keep the BookTrail one only for books, so the latter is (as you might guess from the name) for online stuff.

So far, I’ve been pretty systematic in noting books which I thought were worth a mention. I’m a bit more erratic with the linky one – sometimes I read great stuff and never get around to linking to it.

I like having the microblogs on the front page. I think it makes the front page feel kind of “richer”, and a bit more representative of what I’m into at any given time.

I could have added the same thing to all the other pages too, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Maybe later.

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