Payment, prices and delivery

for your "Identity" badges

Payment methods

As you choose your badges, the badge order form shows you how much your badges will cost. When you've finished your order, it offers you a link back to here to make the payment.


Stock levels and delivery times

If you need the badges by a specific date, please check by email before ordering. badgesales at uncharted-worlds dot org.

If I'm at home when your order arrives, and the badges you want are in stock, then I can usually send them out the day I get the payment. But I don't promise that will be the case if you haven't checked beforehand.

Usually I aim to keep at least two or three badges in stock for each design-&-colour combination. (Of course, it could be that someone else ordered recently and picked the ones you wanted, so that's not always the case.) But it's very unlikely that I'll have ten badges all exactly the same in stock.

If I end up having to make more badges to fulfil your order, then it'll probably take a bit longer. It works best to do the "making" when the weather's humid, because static electricity attracts dust into the badges, so it can be a case of waiting for the right weather.

However, if I have some of the badges in stock and not all, then I'll generally send off the ones I've got straight away.

Even if you didn't bother to check beforehand, it's always worth including a note on the order form if there's a particular date you were hoping to receive them. E.g. "My friend's birthday is on such-a-date, and such-a-badge is a present for them, so would be great to have that one by then".