"Identity" badges for sale

 * £1 each up to three badges, or cheaper as you order more. Postage included.

 * Minimum order now only 2 badges in UK (£2) and 3 elsewhere (£3), including postage.

 * Nine colours, 48 designs.

 * Over three thousand badges of this series already sold to people in person*, at BiCon, BiFest, Pride festivals and suchlike - they are quite shiny items. Quite a few seem to get bought for friends - although you have to know people well enough to know which badge "is them"...  ;-)

* As opposed to over the web, where you can't actually see the real things when you're buying. If you include the ones sold over the web, it's over 4,500 altogether, and counting...

Photo of badges. All designs copyright © Jennifer Moore 1998 - 2011.

 * All coloured writing or logo on a black background.

 * All 1" diameter - approximately 25mm.

 * Click here to see the colours to choose from.

 * Click here for full list of designs, featuring...

 * Three ways to pay: by secure credit card payment, by PayPal, or by cheque in UK pounds. More details here.

 * Why have I gone over to such a small minimum order, despite postage and PayPal costs coming out before any profit? Well, one reason is that this is only partly a commercial enterprise and partly an activist one. But it's also because these badges are tiny works of art, and you might not realise what good quality they are if you haven't actually seen one. So although some people might really only ever want the first lot, I'm betting that some of the people who buy only a couple initially will like them enough to come back for more later - maybe as presents for friends, or to sell at a Pride stall.

Tip: If there was only really one badge that "spoke to you", don't forget you can choose to get the same design in different colours.

 * As seen "in 3d" at BiCon Cambridge 1998, Manchester 2000 & 2004, Coventry 2001, Leicester 2002, 2008 & 2011, London 2003 and Worcester 2005, plus BiFest London 1999, Manchester 2005 and Brighton 2006, Pride festivals Nottingham 2000, 2003, 2005, 2012 & one or two in the middle that I can't remember the year of off-hand, Leicester 2002, 2003 & 2005, Derby a couple of times, and London 2002; PolyDay London 2008 & 2011 and Leicester 2004; Queer Talk London 2001; International Celebrate Bisexuality Day Manchester 2001; Queeruption London 2002... and a few other places  :-)