Jennifer's emailing page

Hello lovely people,

Thanks for thinking of emailing me.

I read pretty much everything that arrives, unless it's obviously spam spam spammety spam. But I don't always reply to everything. I used to try, but fascinating though some of the conversations are, I don't want to spend that much time sitting at the computer :-)

A few frequently asked questions are answered below.

If you want to tell me something and you don't mind risking that you might not get a reply (or you might not get one for ages), please do go ahead and e-mail me, at "jennifer at uncharted-worlds dot org"

(unless it's specifically about Single Bass, in which case e-mail me at "SB at single-bass dot co dot uk")

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Or use the new contact form here (allows you to be anonymous if you want to).

Obviously, if it's something like "I ordered a CD and it hasn't arrived" then I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. But if it was more of a "Just wanted to say..." or "What do you think about...?" scenario, then please don't take it personally if I don't reply - it doesn't mean I didn't like your email, it might just be that it arrived on a day when lots and lots was happening already.

bye for now



May we link to your site?
Yes - anyone is welcome to link to my site. (That doesn't extend to putting it in frames so it looks like part of your site - but I'm sure most people wouldn't even think of doing that anyway.  :-) )

May we copy one of your pages onto our site?
No, please link instead. I don't endorse copying my pages elsewhere, partly because that means that if I update the page, the version on your site will be out of date. Links are what make the web a web.

Will you put in a link to our site?
Probably only if it's a key resource in its area (e.g. if you maintain a list of other sites, like does). I don't aim to maintain a comprehensive index here.

If you're asking because you have some particularly relevant writing which you think my readers would appreciate, then point me at one or two pages you think most fit that category, and I'll probably at least have a look.

Here is a short history of my life - am I bisexual?
As far as I'm concerned, only you can say whether you're going to call yourself bi, and how much weight to put on any incident in your history is a judgement call only you can make - see article on this subject and possible lines of reasoning)

"I have to write about ____ for my homework, would you answer the following questions?"
It's pretty unlikely that I'll reply to that kind of thing, but has been recommended to me for finding people who will be happy to. But I must admit it doesn't seem to have much on bisexuality or transgender (to name but two interesting topics :-)). Usenet news is probably your best bet. For bisexuality discussions, try