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Police being scary

Saw this video today, from the anti-cuts protest in London a couple of days ago. I find it worrying.

The Guardian summarises:

Video footage has emerged showing mounted police charging a crowd of protesters during this week’s tuition fees demonstrations, the day after the Metropolitan police said tactics “did not involve charging the crowd”.

The article also explains:

However the [police] spokesman did also say that charging was a “quite specific term”.

I suspect this is the basis on which the police said there wasn’t any.

Well, I don’t want to argue over the word. Let’s say instead “ride as a group quite briskly in the direction of where people are standing”. It still looks scary and dangerous to me, and I’m unconvinced that it was necessary.

[I’d be interested to know from any horsey readers what type of gait they reckon those horses were doing. It was faster than walking. What d’you reckon?]

… and young people being inspiring

On the other hand, how beautiful is this pic?

Thanks @solobasssteve for the links that set me off reading this stuff.

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Posted on 26 November 2010 at 21:15.
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