Current UK law on Elective Home Education

29 December 2009 by Jennifer

Link to a handy new summary, printable on A4.

Some cool people have produced a summary of current UK law on EHE. It’s four sides of A4; the first two are designed for handing to people who don’t know the law, the rest is a discussion of key points.  Covers the Local Authority’s rights, truancy laws etc.

I had nothing to do with creating this summary, but I think it’s a very good idea, so I’ve offered to host a PDF on my web site for people to download. You can get it here:

Elective Home Education Law (PDF, 95k)

And if you want to include that link on your own web site, here’s the HTML to paste in:
<a href="">Elective Home Education Law (PDF, 95k)</a>

Good places to keep a copy include

  • by your front door in case you get “doorstepped” by an official person
  • by the phone
  • in your bag/pocket/wallet when out and about.

You might also like to print out a few extras to give to friends without internet access (or without a printer).

Respect & thanks to Jill for being the prime mover behind this.

7 thoughts on “Current UK law on Elective Home Education”

  1. Hello Jennifer

    This is fantastic – only a really minor minor point. Focusing only has one ‘s’ not two.

    Do you mind if I send a copy to the new lady in post who looks after Elective Home Education in this area?

    Kind regards

    Jaki Parsons

  2. This is fantastic

    Glad you like it, but I can’t take the credit for writing it or even thinking of it! All I did was convert it to a PDF and put it in a handy place :-)

    Focusing only has one ’s’ not two.

    Fixed, thanks.

    Do you mind if I send a copy to the new lady in post who looks after Elective Home Education in this area?

    Sounds like a fine idea to me :-)

  3. Hi

    Just to let you know we have also been recently stopped and questioned in the city by an education welfare officer plus one. What was worrying was that they had never heard of home education! We had to explain it was legal and what it involved! We named our “inspector” and they had heard of him but obviously didn’t know what he did. Unbelievable.


  4. Hi Jennifer

    The parliamentary proposals following Badman report and review of EHE in ’09, seems to place new responsibilities on LA’s, such as right to refuse registration for HE or removal, and a review in ’11 to ascertain whether allowing parents to voluntarily register with LA has been satisfactory in outcome. The report states that it will make it COMPULSORY for HE’ers to register with LA’s, if the vouluntary arrangement has not helped LA’s to identify all children’s educational provision.

    I cant establish whether these recomendations have led to a change in the Children Schools and Families Bill or Act. Are you in the know?

    Although I have had only very positive experience with my outstandingly supportive and respectful LA adviser, I am curious as to where all these proposals are going, as it looks as though it is attempting to clamp down on HE’ers and cause undue pressure and strain on a very sound educational medium



  5. Also, don’t know why I never answered Hannah at the time, sorry Hannah! The “compulsory registration” proposal got thrown out (for now…) – it never became law. Lots more background in the Non-school education category archive of this blog, and elsewhere on the net.

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