International Celebrate Bisexuality Day

23 September 2009 by Jennifer

I’m reminded by reading my friends’ blogs that 23 September is International Celebrate Bisexuality Day!

Lots of my writing energy has gone elsewhere lately, and I haven’t written anything specially for it.¬† But here is a thing I did a while ago – a presentation with illustrations:

Bi identity: obstacles and paths

Happy reading :-)

2 thoughts on “International Celebrate Bisexuality Day”

  1. Interesting reading.

    I identify myself as “99% gay”…

    I know the fact I’ve been in a straight marriage for nearly a decade (though we’re now separating)makes people somewhat confused about this. What’s more, I do not doubt that they think *I* am confused. Nope! ;)

    Growing up, I always believed that ALL people were bisexual, that it was merely a matter of degree/percentage. Now I guess I believe in 100% gay and straight people and have to admit that they’re not mythical, extinct, or a media invention (LOL). But I still think they’re rare.



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