What if change were easy sometimes?

29 January 2018 by Jennifer

I’ve read quite a bit recently about the nature of making changes intentionally for yourself – how to build habits, how to try something new, etc.

A lot of it is about how hard it can be to make a change that sticks, and ways to get around that.

  • start small
  • chain a habit onto a habit you already have
  • don’t try to make too many changes at once
  • you have to do the same thing for 30 days before it becomes a habit
  • …that kind of stuff.

    And then I read something really different: someone talking about a change which seemingly had just happened, without them putting any effort into it at all. They were just noticing it. Like: oh, evidently I’m not into X any more, well, there you go, how interesting!

    (where the X was something that had once been a big part of their life)

    I think this is a rather inspiring thought! What if change could be easy? What creative evolution might happen for me without me even trying? How surprised might I be when my life sprouts a new direction?